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Frequently asked questions

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An innovative solution created to facilitate merchants by managing their sales, payments, and other related operations.

The CASHIN system is a cloud system.

Yes there is a difference, an invoice that is billed to individual customers must be provided with a simplified tax invoice. An invoice that is billed to companies or organizations must be provided with a tax invoice. The CASHIN system supports simplified tax invoice and tax invoice.

It is a system launched by the ZATCA so that those charged with issuing invoices containing certain information, including the QR of each invoice, as well as keeping invoices electronically.

Yes, you can add permission for employees by roles such as cashier, account manager and branch manager

Yes, CASHIN is a system that applies to the standards and conditions of the Zakat and Tax Authority, and you can check this through the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority website


The subscription value is according to the package, it starts from 699 SAR for annual subscription with 24 hours technical support all week

Yes, CASHIN Flat provides an inventory system so that it calculates internal and available stock levels.

All retail sectors:

● Furniture and furnishings shops

● Gold jewelry

● Gas Stations

● Women's Salons & Barber Store

● Car washes and Laundry Store

● Groceries, food stores, supermarkets

● Abaya shops

● Cafeteria

● Clothing Store

● Mobile Shops & Accessories Store

● Bakeries

● Plumbing and Electricity

● Real Estates

● Lawyers & legalizers

No, CASHIN Flat system does not require Internet connection when invoicing and sales, but in case of data synchronization, adding products and services, or creating any modification and updating the account, the system here requires Internet connection.

Accounting system: A system that deals with all matters related to accounting such as the payment of rent, salaries, electricity bills.. etc

CASHIN Flat System: A system for managing sales and receiving payments. It also allows you to get detailed reports on inventory, branches and employees. You can also get VAT reports and review payment methods that are usually not provided by accounting system.

After your order, the installation will be done in less than 6 hours. But if the subscription was without the device, you can download the CASHIN app directly.

Devices are provided in several options.

CASHIN supports all WIFI and Bluetooth printers.

You can use the CASHIN app on your POS software for billing so that the device will be POS and billing at the same time.

You can pay either through the sales agents or make an electronic payment via the website.

You can subscribe to CASHIN by purchasing an instant subscription from the app or through the website. You can also call the unified number, order the product via the official website or order the product via CASHIN’s social media channels.