Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

“CASHIN” for POS services and payment solutions 


Welcome to “CASHIN.” If you choose use this website or application, you agree to comply with and be bound by these terms of use and policy privacy in its entirety, which governs CASHIN’s relationship with you concerning the service provided and your use of it.

“The first party” refers to the website or application “CASHIN”.

CASHIN is a Saudi-developed product specialized in providing digital payment solutions and services. All point of sale devices belong to the Information Technology Company and hold a commercial register No. (2051235015). 

The term “Second party” refers to any merchant or beneficiary of “CASHIN” services, who holds a “CASHIN” account dedicated to transactions and “POS system and payment solutions”.


The first party is a provider of payment solutions and point of sale devices that serve merchants at all levels. CASHIN also provides other cashier systems management services, and management of sales operations and stores, which enables subscribers to these services to activate payment receptions and sales management solutions. Since the second party works in the field of retail and can benefit from the services and solutions provided by the first party, or the same relationship with it through the use of modern technology. 

This agreement between the two parties outlines the following:

First. The provision of the qualification:
The advanced qualification is considered an integral part of this agreement, it is complementary to the agreement in all terms and conditions, and should be read and understood with it. 

Second: The term of the agreement: 
This agreement shall remain in force for the duration of the subscription period, starting from the date of approval by both parties. 

Third. Service delivery fees: 
The amounts due by the second party to the first party are calculated for the provision of agreed services, which are provided to the second party by the attached invoice from the first party, issued in accordance with the subscription package selected by the second party.

Fourth: Technical breakdown and updates:
The first party may, at any time during this Agreement, cease the services provided to the second party for the period it deems appropriate and without notice.

This includes the following cases:
1. Cases of updating data on their electronic applications or other development work.
2. Cases of sudden technical failures that require suspension of the services for maintenance and repair
3. Any cessation of electronic applications suddenly for any reason beyond the control of the first party.
4 If the first party believes or has any reason to believe that there is any sort of electronic fraud or illegal operation taking place.

Fifth. Refund policy:
As the first party provides an intangible electronic service it cannot be returned, so it is not possible to refund all or part of the amounts paid.
When the second party purchases the package, activates the license and completes the payment process for the benefit of the first party, once the payment process is completed, the second party benefits from the service provided by the first party. 

However, the first party will receive refund requests on Info@cashin.sa in some exceptional cases that are subject to the first party’s discretion.

Sixth. Delivery, installation, and maintenance of point-of-sale and first-party equipment
1. Unless otherwise agreed, the second party shall be provided with the service upon request in one of the following ways:
a. Through agents representing the first party.
b. Through sales agents approved by the first party.
t. Through shipping agents contracted by the first party.

2. The first party shall install the equipment at the headquarters of the second party under these terms of use, as well as additional terms and conditions to supplement them, according to any amendments made regularly, and under any regulations contained in the manuals of operation from time to time

The second party also is responsible for bearing all the expenses and costs of installing and maintaining these devices and providing the necessary equipment under this agreement. The second party authorizes the first party to contract secure point of sale equipment, and ensure the installation at the headquarters of the second party or the agreed location between the two parties, either by the first party or by another party.

Installation shall be appointed by the first party, as described in clause (1) of this Article.

4. The second party shall bear the costs for the provision, processing, installation, and maintenance of POS devices, provided that the specified fees are paid immediately after subscription to the package.

Seventh. Service responsibility:

1. The second party is solely responsible for any damages, claims, costs, or compensation the party may face at any time as a result of any mistake or fraud committed by the second party or any of its representatives, employees, agents, or contractors concerning the transactions carried out through the POS system. The second party also assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to the point of sales device or any part of it, plus any equipment, tools or extensions related to it due to the violation of the operating instructions or negligence of the second party or any of its representatives, employees, agents, or contractors.

2. The first party shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages or losses, or any claims or costs or expenses that the second party may be exposed to, as a result of their use of services and systems related to the service provided, and from any action taken or not taken based on materials or information provided by the second party.

Eighth. Obligations of the second party:
1. The second party is not authorized to sell, resell, dispose or use the first-party POS devices for any purposes other than stipulated in this agreement, and to limit the use only for direct commercial transactions that belong to the second party as described in this agreement.
2. Ensure that the devices and means of serving points of sale provided by the first party will only be used by the second party.
3. Ensure that POS devices are used with accuracy, skill, and care and for the purpose for which they were designed.
4. Not to provide any guarantee or hold the first party any responsibility of any kind about the goods and/or services provided by the second party.

5 If the second party is a C1 subscriber, s\he is obliged to maintain the first party's POS devices as they are, as s\he is not the owner, and is committed not to making any changes or amendments to it throughout the subscription period, they may not not place or install any accessories or equipment with it unless it is agreed in writing with the first party. In case of subscription cancellation or non-renewal, s\he is obliged to return the POS device to the first party in the same condition as it was before delivery. In case of misuse or non-return, the second party is obliged to pay An amount of (1800 SR) one thousand eight hundred Saudi Riyals for each device

Ninth. Privacy policy:
We (CASHIN) are committed to ensuring that your private information is protected from access or disclosure to any unauthorized party, and we have put in place all the necessary procedures to protect and secure the information collected. Ensure that our services are not designed to obtain information from your device and hacking your privacy, but we may collect some data that you enter for purposes to improve the service, concerning financial and accounting information related to your business, “CASHIN” will not share this with any third party that is not authorized to obtain it, and this information will only be used according to the privacy policy from time to time through updating this page and notifications provided by the first party. You must review this page regularly to ensure that you understand each of these changes.

Tenth. Confidentiality: 

Both parties are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information about this agreement and all CASHIN systems, even after the expiration or termination of this agreement.

The second party agrees that all correspondence, documents, items, commissions, and fees related to this agreement are confidential and are not permitted to share with any other party.

Eleventh: Amending the Agreement:

The first party, at its discretion, reserves the right to add, amend or delete any of these terms and conditions at any time. It is also the responsibility of the second party to update the second party on any developments in these terms and conditions. Accordingly, the second party will be obliged to agree to the agreement as amended if you continue to use the services provided and described in the above definition after the publication of any amendments to it and notified by the first party through the application, website, or one of the contact data of the second party registered with the first party. It is the second party’s obligation to ensure they have fully read and understood all updated terms and conditions.

Twelfth. Termination of the Agreement:
Either party may terminate the agreement by providing notice to the other party for 60 (sixty) days and expressing its desire to terminate the agreement.

Thirteenth. Recognized language:
The Arabic version is the approved version of this agreement, and any translation to any other language is only to ease the use of the application, and the use of opposition in interpreting this version is not acceptable.

Fourteenth. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:
This agreement is subject to the regulations and laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any dispute that arises between the parties under any condition of this agreement, or resulting from it, shall be reviewed and determined by an individual arbitrator appointed by the first party.